Computing for Social Good

Accessibility Technology

Partnering with physicians and researchers at Northwestern Medicine, we have been developing and understanding technolgoy to aid low mobility children through low cost mechanical and techonlogical augmentation of toy ride-on cars, with the GoBabyGo! program. Check out our ACM CHI 2020 Late Breaking Work on the topic: “I Am Not an Engineer”: Understanding How Clinicians Design & Alter Assistive Technology.

Sustainable Computing Infrastructure

With Argonne National Lab and researchers across McCormick engineering departments (Aaron Packman, George Wells, Jennifer Dunn, Bill Miller and others) we have been exploring how sensors, computing systems, and artificial intelligence / machine learning can be applied to critical problems in sustainable urban systems. We have been exploring novel energy supplies for ultra long term sensing, and how large scale sensor infrastructure can be enhanced to provide ways for citizens to engage in the scientific process and support resilient cities and coastlines.

Wildlife Tracking and Conservation

Our lab has a history of supporting wildelife and consevation tracking applications ranging from desert tortoise tracking to otter rehabilitation. We have recently partnered with Lincoln Park Zoo to explore building a network of sensors to monitor wildlife across North america, using in-situ machine learning techniques and low power, low cost platforms to count animals. We have also started collaborating with the San Diego Zoo on understanding and monitoring eating habits for large animals.